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Israel puts on a show for the world’s media by reminding them over and over again how they tell Palestinian civilians to “evacuate” (which is an insult in itself since they’re not allowed to leave Gaza due to the illegal blockade), but the reality on the ground is that they tell Palestinians ‘we will kill you no matter where you go - you are our targets’ by bombing all the places they’re taking shelter in - ambulances, hospitals and UN schools.

Honestly though, how do some people still call themselves human beings?


israel be like :

*hey we will bomb your house go out to a safe place*

bombs it in less than 58 seconds 

*hey we will bomb your house go out to a safe place *

bombs them while going out in the street

*hey we will bomb your house go out to a safe place*

bombs the safe place : hospitals, churches ,mosques even the UN schools that hundreds took shelter in.


The crisis in Gaza is so serious, it can be seen from space

International Space Station astronaut Alexander Gerst has posted his “saddest photo yet.” From all the way up in the thermosphere, ISS personnel orbiting 200 miles over the Middle East can see bombs and missiles exploding in Gaza and Israel as the two sides go to war.

Detailed explanation of the photo | Follow micdotcom 


Hey so, remember that UN school that all the displaced Gazans fled to for shelter?

Israel just bombed it.

Dozens dead so far, nobody is sure just how many.

What are you going to say now? That the bloody UNRWA was firing rockets at Israel?

  • SPN Writers: Oh, man! You guys are gonna flip! Dean's coming back from hell and there's this angel named Castiel. He's gonna be in 4 episodes and then--
  • Fans: No.
  • SPN Writers: No?
  • Fans: No. More angel.
  • SPN Writers: You want more of the angel?
  • Fans: Yes.
  • SPN Writers: How much more?
  • Fans: Five.
  • SPN Writers: Five episodes? We can do that. Yeah, we'll--
  • Fans: No. Seasons. Five seasons.
  • SPN Writers:
  • Fans:
  • SPN Writers:
  • Fans: Plus forever.

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sometimes being sad for no reason is worse than being sad for a reason cause there is absolutely nothing you can do to make yourself feel better

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your failure to understand that there are things much worse than death has always been your greatest weakness

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