Somebody Cure Me of My Fangirlitis

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Can the Bloodlines series just never end like can I have books about Sydney and Adrian until the day I die that would be nice


I have a theory for The Ruby Circle.

Jill has gone missing and there is said to be a secret revealed about Spirit in the next instalment.

Well what if that secret is finding out that the bond between two who are shadow-kissed, can be opened at both ends? So it’s not just one way.
Considering they have no idea where Jill is, if they could get the bond to open for Adrian, he could see where she was & communicate with her! :)

I was thinking the same thing!!! I really hope that happens.


Where’s the U.N.C.E.I.F


'You encage two million people into 140 square miles. You are surprised when the people create tunnels to smuggle goods, to resist.

You bomb hospitals, you bomb schools, you bomb water plants, you bomb sewers – and you want us to feel sorry for you.

You have politicians who say they want to kill…


i have so much respect for israeli and jews currently protesting against their own national fascist, terrorist, racist policy of slaughter, and especially for those youths who are now facing prison because they refused to enlist in the military and kill children.


Not impressed are the words inside my head when listening to the ones who advocate for death (Israel) …….

Hamas, Hamas, the terror tunnels, human shields, Hamas, oh the rockets of death…..

Highlight the soldiers deaths first, now focus …. clearly the security of Israel is at threat


It seems stupid to care about movies at a time when Palestinians are being slaughtered by the thousands for being Palestinians.


The way the war in Gaza is affecting Jews in other countries is extremely alarming. In France, Jewish shops and even synagogues have been getting targeted and damaged, and people are yelling to “gas the Jews.” In Germany, Jews are being told that they are pigs. Even in Miami, there was a synagogue…

I think this is very important to understand!! Not all Jews are Zionists or Israeli!! Some of them are even supporting Gaza. It’s not ok to be anti-Semitic because you’re supporting Gaza. Please understand this if your concern is truly about humanity.